Training and Preparation

Training for strongman requires a combination of traditional weightlifting, functional training, and specific event practice. Athletes often train with the actual implements used in competitions, such as logs, stones, and tires, to build the necessary skills and muscle memory. Nutrition and recovery are also critical components of a strongman's regimen, as the demands on the body are immense.

The Spirit of Strongman

Strongman competitions are not just about raw power; they embody the spirit of perseverance and resilience. Athletes often push their bodies to the limit, showcasing not only their physical prowess but also their mental fortitude. The camaraderie among competitors is another defining feature of the sport, with athletes often supporting and encouraging each other despite the fierce competition.

Strongman events are thrilling to watch, offering a spectacle of human strength and determination. Whether you're an aspiring strongman or a fan of strength sports, the world of strongman is both inspiring and awe-inspiring.

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Abdullahi Sada Abdulkadir is an Experienced Network administrator and customer care Assistant dedicated and dynamic professional with a strong background in Network and system administrator, customer service and marketing. He has a proven track record in servicing a large customer base and selling products and services during his tenure at Airtel Nigeria. Abdullahi is proficient in English, Hausa, Pidgin, and Yoruba, and he holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, along with diplomas in Mass Communication and Computer Studies. His work experience includes roles as a Software Developer (Programmer) Customer Care Service Representative, ICT Personnel, Customer Care Service Officer, and Registrar at various organizations, where he demonstrated his excellent communication skills and ability to handle Network infrastructure, customers' needs effectively. Abdullahi's diverse skill set and experience make him a valuable asset in roles related to Network admin and customer service, marketing, and information technology.

  • MSc in (View) Computer Science from Sokoto State University
  • BSc in Information Technology from Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero
  • National Diploma In Mass Communication from The Polytechnic of Sokoto State

Working Experience

  • 2021 to Date / Programmer

    Sokoto State University

  • Airtel Nigeria- 2014-2015

    Inbound call Center Agent Customer Call Center Agent Customer Retention Project Agent Outbound Call Center Agent

  • NYSC 2012-2013

    ICT Personnel Customer Care Service Officer Rigistrar

  • NTA 2010-2011

    ICT Personnel

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