Non-Payment of 2018/2019 Academic Session Registration Fees


Records in the Bursary Department show that the under listed students have not paid their 2018/2019 session registration fees. To this end, you are hereby requested to settle the fees on or before 10th August, 2018. You are to collect bank tellers for the payment from the Bursary Department.

Anyone who fails to meet the deadline will have his/her examination for the session cancelled. The students are:

S/No  Adm. No.  Name  Department
1 14135015 Muhammad Sanusi Garba Mathematics
2 15137002 Muhammad Falalu Ghali Physics
3 15221008 Sharhabilu M. Yusuf Science Education
4 15222010 Ibrahim Sulaiman Science Education
5 16101068 Badaru Suleiman Baba Mathematics
6 16101079 Suwaiba Ibrahim Gobir Mathematics
7 16118001 Bala Nura Madorawa Political Science
8 16131067 Bashiru Almustapha Biochemistry
9 17122201 Yahaya Musa Maradun Mathematics
10 13118050 Amiru Aliyu Marnona Political Science
11 13131036 Danjuma David Biochemistry
12 16121030 Abdulazeez Sani Liman Science Education
13 16122026 Muhammad Abubakar Hadee Science Education
14 16122030 Danjumma Saifullah Science Education
15 16136001 Aminu Murtala Mayana Microbiology
16 16219026 Saifullahi Rabiu Umar Sociology
17 17122029 Bashar Sani Science Education
18 17124152 Naziru Muhammad Bello Educ. Foundations
19 17125010 Yusuf Rufai Educ. Foundations
20 17131080 Salim Garba Biochemistry
21 17131161 Aliyu Abubakar Biochemistry
22 17132217 Ahmad Shehu Umar Mathematics
23 17132305 Muhd Muhd Majo Mathematics
24 17134112 Muhammad Aliyu Maccido Computer Science
25 17211008 Misbahu Ya’U Arabic and Islamic St
26 17234006 Kasimu Yusuf Gidadawa Mathematics
27 14118090 Iorwuese Chahul Political Science
28 15118057 Ibrahim Garachi Ibrahim Political Science
29 15122009 Halima Aminu Science Education
30 15123014 Jamilu Ibrahim Science Education
31 15123021 Aliyu Abdullahi Dango Science Education
32 15127013 Ibrahim Abbas Science Education
33 15132027 Elijah Garba Philemon Biological Sciences
34 16126012 Abdullahi Isiya Science Education
35 14113076 Musa BASIRU Economics
36 14134081 Hussaini Ibrahim Computer Science
37 13113049 Idris Muhammad Economics
38 14125019 Yakubu Ahmed Andah Educ. Foundations
39 15127007 Salim Abubakar Ismail Science Education
40 13137020 Salisu Shehu Alh Physics
41 14119088 Adam Muhammad Sociology
42 16124034 Najib Talib Ahmad Educ. Foundations
43 13125001 Sagir Ibrahim Muahmmad Educ. Foundations
44 14125030 Alhassan Mahmud Educ. Foundations
45 15122039 Habibu Umar Science Education
46 13136058 Yasir Lawal Bungudu Microbiology
47 16114046 Abdulhamid Muhammad Geography
48 16234025 Abdulkadir Zakaria Huseyn Computer Science
49 16112019 Imran Ahmed Gummi English & Linguistics
50 14137021 Ridwanullahi Mayo S. Physics
51 14134066 Joshua Chikudu Yusuf Computer Science
52 15119022 Abdullahi Muhammad Bajini Sociology
53 13112006 Ibrahim Musa Ibrahim English & Linguistics
54 16124059 Teusan David Gideon Educ. Foundations
55 16115022 Bashar ABDULLAHI Jantullu Nigerian Languages
56 16124059 Teusan David Gideon Educ. Foundations
57 15122031 Mubarak Umar Science Education
58 16116015 Saheed Abubakar History
59 14119087 Usman Isiyaka Sociology

Thank you.


Sani Sahabi Bodinga


Vice Chancellor
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration)
Deans of Faculty
Heads of Academic Department
Dean of Student Affairs
Academic Secretary
Chief Accountant/Treasury
Ag. Chief Security Coordinator
Ag. ICT Coordinator
Revenue Officer
President, SUG
All Notice Boards

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