Dr. Sirajo Muhammad


Welcome Note

The Faculty of science, which is one of the three faculties of the Sokoto State University (SSU) was established since inception of degree programmes in the University in August, 2013. The Faculty and Department are administered by academic staff on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor as the Chairman of all Faculty Boards. He is also the Chairman of academic Departmental Boards. The Faculty is headed by Dean while Departments are run by Heads of the Department. Committees/Boards consist of both the Dean and Heads of Department in administering the Faculty and Department respectively. Specifically, it is the responsibility and schedule of the Dean to: • Give administrative and academic leadership in the Faculty • Exercise general superintendence over the academic and administrative affairs of the Faculty and initiate executive action arising from Faculty Board decision; • Co-ordinate and regulate, subject to review by the Senate, the teaching of courses in degree programmes and examinations in approved for the Faculty by the Senate, and to present Faculty Board recommendations made thereof to Senate for consideration; • Execute the academic policies of the faculty including curriculum review and examination regulation as developed by the faculty board and approved by the Senate; • Serve as chairman of the faculty board and all Faculty standing committees; • Appoint such faculty committees and other academic faculty officers and representatives as may be deemed expedient; • Consider and report to the faculty board any matters relevant to the faculty and as deemed necessary for the efficient administration of the Faculty; • Co-ordinate the provision and maintenance of common Faculty facilities: lecture halls, office accommodation, teaching, research and office equipment as well as furniture and other services especially water and electricity; • Co-ordinate the budget proposal of the faculty and the allocation of funds for equipment and other capital projects; • Ensure equitable process of promotion of staff in the faculty; Sincerely Dean, Faculty of Science
The Faculty of Science shall be a world-class Faculty comparable to any other, engage in research and, to serve humanity in allfields of endeavor and practices relevant to the needs of the University and the society.
To advance the frontiers of Science and Technology and also to break new grounds, through teaching, research and the dissemination of knowledge for an integrated national growth and developmen
The Faculty comprises of seven Departments and runs seven degree programmes. The departments and respective programmes are as follows: Name of the Department Degree Programme 1. Department of Biochemistry B.Sc. Biochemistry 2. Department of Biological Science B.Sc. Biological science 3. Department of Chemistry B.Sc. Chemistry 4. Department of Computer science B.Sc. Computer science 5. Department of Mathematics B.Sc. Mathematics 6. Department of Microbiology B.Sc. Microbiology 7. Department of Physics B.Sc. Physics