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Health Services

Sokoto State University Clinic (SSUC) was established in December, 2013 with Six Staff on part-time bases comprises of; a Medical doctor, 2-Nurses/Midwives, a Lab. Technician, a Pharmacy technician and a medical Record Officer. The University Clinic renders medical services to the entire staffs and students of the University 24hours/7 days a week (Monday to Sunday). Generally, the University Clinic renders its medical services to both in/out patients.

With recent development, the clinic has personnel strength of Nineteen (19) staffs including; 3-Medical Doctors, 3-Nurses/Midwives, 3-Pharmacists, 4-Medical Lab. Technicians, 2-Medical Record Officers, 2-Adminstrative staffs as well as 2-NYSC Corps Members. The clinic is headed by Ag. Director Dr. Kasim Saidu

The Clinic comprises of different Units which include:

  1. Medical Record Office: Deals with patients files, taking records of patients data, storing patients data in computer, keeping proper records in register and sending files of patients to Medical Officers/Medical Doctors for consultation. The unit also served as a centre for registration of both staffs and students with the clinic.
  2. In/Out Patient(Consulting Room): The in/outpatient unit is usually used for treatment of minor ailment as well as pre-registration medical examination for students and pre-placement medical examination for staffs. It is a place where patients are issued with drug prescription or a laboratory request form from the Medical doctor which they will take to the pharmacy for drugs or to the laboratory for laboratory investigation.
  3. Pharmacy Unit: Serves as storage facility for drugs, dispensing of drugs, keeping records of drugs and advising patients on adverse drug reaction.
  4. Laboratory Unit: This is the technical department of the Clinic, they collect, examine and analyze specimen from patients to provide information required by Medical Officers for diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Nursing Unit: Administering of treatment to in/out patients, as well as observation of patients.
  6. Wards: For admitting patients.

Registration/Medical examination Procedure

Registration of all staff and students with the University Clinic is mandatory which comprises a detailed medical history, physical examinations and basic investigations. At the time of registration, students are required to come along with printout online pre-registration medical screening form the photocopy of their confirmation letter of admission, evidence for the payment of registration fees,  and a two (2) recent passports photograph. While staffs are required to come along with the payment evidence for medical examination which is obtainable at the bursary unit, a photocopy of their letter of appointment and a two (2) recent passports photograph. All these items mentioned above, are to be taken to the Clinic Record office for registration.

Upon the conclusion of registration with the University clinic at the Record office, both staffs and students will be issued with a Reference Hand Card with a unique clinic number which will be used to easily access the file of the patient when ever he/she comes to the clinic.
Consultation/Laboratory investigation processes

Patients should firstly report to the record office and present their Reference Hand Card bearing the Clinic number to the record officer. The record officer will immediately access the patient file and take it to the Medical Doctor in consulting room for consultation; Medical Doctor will immediately attend the patient for consultation/medical check-up and issued the patient with a drug prescription form which will then be taken to the pharmacy unit for the collection of drugs or a laboratory request/report form which will also be taken to the Laboratory for laboratory investigation/diagnosis.


Sokoto State University Clinic is developed and will definitely continue to develop provided it receive support from the University Managements (Pro-chancellors/ Chancellors, University Senate Committee etc.) and other Non-Governmental Organizations/agencies, comparing its period of establishment and its present development/achievements. The Clinic is well equipped with Qualified Medical Doctors, Nurses/Midwives, Pharmacists, Medical Lab. Technicians, Medical Record Officers, Administrative Officer and Assistant Chief Computer Operator (ACCO). It has almost all the basic facilities needed with the exception of what will be recommended by the University Clinic Committee.

University Clinic Contacts

Any staff of the University clinic can be contacted for more information about the university. The following are the university clinic contact agents;
Dr. Kasim Saidu – Ag. Director (Health Service Department) – 08036316081.