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Students’ Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division has the responsibility of attending to the welfare, discipline, reward, bursary/scholarship and entire wellbeing of the students of the Sokoto State University SSU, Sokoto. The Student Affairs Division was established at the inception of the University in 2013. It coordinates extra-curricular activities that are beneficial to the students’ welfare and growth.

The Division has among other responsibilities, the enforcement of rules and regulations guiding students’ general conduct on Campus. The Division has other units with staff that aid its general operation. They are the Counselling Psychologists, Sports Officers, Hall Officers, Clerical Officers, and the Students Union. The Division is under the Office of the Vice Chancellor and headed by the current Ag Dean of Students who is a member of academic staff. The Ag Dean is assisted by the Student Affairs Officers, a Registry staff as the secretary in the Division which comprises other Registry staff.


To facilitate the process of achieving the University’s vision of becoming one of Nigeria’s leading Universities and Centre of Excellence by providing appropriate counselling and other students’ support services with the view to producing graduates that are worthy in both learning and character.


To uphold the virtues embedded in the specialised nature of the University, which includes the training of skilled and innovative workforce that would harness the forces of nature and transform Nigeria’s natural resources into goods and services to positively affect the economy and thus the quality of life of her people. To encourage morality and good conduct among the students of this institution to enable natural self-sustainable development.

Units Under the Division

  1. Dean’s Office
  2. Guidance and Counselling
  3. Sports


  1. Dean’s Office
  2. Registry
  3. Guidance and Counselling
  4. Sports & Recreation
  5. Hostel
  6. NYSC Matters
  7. Bursary/Scholarship
  8. Clubs, Societies and Associations
  9. Students Union
  10. International Student Matters

The Registry

The Registry provides the following services in the Division:

  1. NYSC Matters
  2. Bursary/Scholarship
  3. Students’ Orientation

The Registry is the central unit served with the responsibility of day-to-day activities of the Division. It is also responsible for policy implementation of the University with respect to students and other activities governing their conduct in the University. The Registry is composed of a Senior Registry staff (Secretary of Division and Head of Administration), supporting Senior and Junior Registry staff. The Registry performs among other things the following functions;

  • Coordination of the mobilization of student for National Youth Service Corps. i.e. it carries out the general activities of students’ mobilization for National Youth Service Corps, indeed the most challenging assignment of the unit in recent times.
  • It also assist in the coordination of the Students Union activities in order to ensure good relationship amongst students and the University Management.
  • The Secretary of the Division serves as the Secretary to the Students’ Disciplinary Committee of the University. The Committee helps in mediating between students in cases of dispute. It also facilitates the maintenance of peace and discipline amongst students.
  • It is also involved in the organisation of the sessional orientation ceremony for fresh students: a forum that serves to educate fresh students on what is expected of them as students in the University as well as the need to keep from all forms of anti-social activities on campus.
  • In addition to the above functions, the Senior Registry staff in the Unit also serve as Secretaries to various Management and Senate Committees on campus.

Guidance and Counselling Unit

The Guidance and Counselling Unit in the Student Affairs Division offers a wide range of counselling and psychological services aimed at helping students and staff to acquire and develop attitudes and skills, insights and understanding about themselves and their environment. The following services are available:

  1. Individual and group counseling
  2. Academic/educational counseling
  3. Career counselling/information
  4. Personal/social counselling
  5. Crisis intervention including:
  6. Roommate problems
  7. Courtship/marital problems
  8. Feeling of isolation and depression
  9. Lack of concentration and interest
  10. Anxiety about examinations
  11. Relaxation/shyness problems
  12. Ineffective study habits
  13. Victimization and intimidation problems
  14. Sexual harassment
  15. Indigent students part-time work
  16. Referral services, etc.