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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of science, which is one of the three faculties of the Sokoto State University (SSU) was established since inception of degree programmes in the University in August, 2013. The Faculty comprises of seven Departments and runs seven degree programmes.

The departments and respective programmes are as follows:

Name of the Department

Degree Programme

1. Department of Biochemistry

B.Sc. Biochemistry

2. Department of Biological Science

B.Sc. Biological science

3. Department of Chemistry

B.Sc. Chemistry

4. Department of Computer science

B.Sc. Computer science

5. Department of Mathematics

B.Sc. Mathematics

6. Department of Microbiology

B.Sc. Microbiology

7. Department of Physics

B.Sc. Physics

The Faculty and Department are administered by academic staff on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor as the Chairman of all Faculty Boards. He is also the Chairman of academic Departmental Boards. The Faculty is headed by Dean while Departments are run by Heads of the Department.

Committees/Boards consist of both the Dean and Heads of Department in administering the Faculty and Department respectively.

Specifically, it is the responsibility and schedule of the Dean to:

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board regulates the teaching, study and conduct of examinations connected with, the subjects assigned to the faculty, the Board also deals with any other matter assigned to it by statute or by the Vice-Chancellor or by the Senate and advises the Vice-Chancellor or the Senate on any matter referred to it by the Vice Chancellor or the Senate. The Board is made up of all the academic staff of the faculties. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman of the board, but the Dean usually presides while faculty officer serves as Secretary.

Faculty Standing Committee

This Committee comprises of all Heads of Department in the Faculty and Faculty Examinations Officer. The Dean serves as Chairman while faculty officer as secretary.

Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee

This Committee comprises of all Heads of department in the faculty and dean serve as chairman with faculty officer as secretary.

Faculty Research and Publication Committee

The Committee comprises of all Heads of Department, Senior Academic Staff in the Faculty and the Dean serve as Chairman while Faculty Officer as secretary.

Department Boards

The Departmental Board regulates the teaching and conduct of examinations connected with the subject assigned to the Department and makes recommendations to the Faculty Board. The Board is made up of all the academic staff of the department. The Head of the Department is the Chairman of the Board while an administrative staff posted from Registry Department serves as secretary.

Matriculation Ceremony

Each Registered Student must sign the matriculation register in accordance with the directives of the Registrar. Matriculation is binding on every student fresh student of the university. The exercise is usually presided over by the Vice-Chancellor.

Matriculating students are presented by their respective Deans, while the Vice-Chancellor administers the matriculation Oath. Students are made to solemnly undertake and swear to observe and respect the provision of Sokoto State University Laws, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations which are now in force or which from time to time be brought into Force.

The Oath forms are obtainable at the office of the Faculty Officer. Matriculation Register is also available at the office for the students to register themselves and affix their signatures. The forms are then returned to the Faculty Officer for onward submission to the Registry Department.

None matriculated undergraduate students are not bona-fide students of the University.




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