Training and Preparation

Training for strongman requires a combination of traditional weightlifting, functional training, and specific event practice. Athletes often train with the actual implements used in competitions, such as logs, stones, and tires, to build the necessary skills and muscle memory. Nutrition and recovery are also critical components of a strongman's regimen, as the demands on the body are immense.

The Spirit of Strongman

Strongman competitions are not just about raw power; they embody the spirit of perseverance and resilience. Athletes often push their bodies to the limit, showcasing not only their physical prowess but also their mental fortitude. The camaraderie among competitors is another defining feature of the sport, with athletes often supporting and encouraging each other despite the fierce competition.

Strongman events are thrilling to watch, offering a spectacle of human strength and determination. Whether you're an aspiring strongman or a fan of strength sports, the world of strongman is both inspiring and awe-inspiring.

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Event Description

This is to inform Staff, Students and the general public that Senate, at its 35th meeting held on 22nd November, 2023, considered and approved the undergraduate academic calendar for 2023/2024 Session, as follows:




1 Registration of new students 3 Monday 27th November to Saturday 16th December, 2023
2 Registration of returning students 2 Monday 18th December to Saturday

30th December, 2023

3 Commencement of  First semester lectures 7 Tuesday 2nd January to Saturday 17th February, 2024
4 Orientation of New students 1 Day Wednesday 17th  January, 2024
5 Matriculation of New students 1 Day Wednesday 24th January, 2024
6 Mid Semester break 1 Monday 19th February to Sunday 25th February, 2024
7 Continuation of first semester lectures 6 Monday 26th February to Saturday 6th

April, 2024

8 First semester examinations 3 Monday 8th April to Saturday 27th

April, 2024

9 First semester break, marking, moderation and Senate approval of results 3 Monday 29th April to Sunday 19th

May, 2024





1 Commencement of Second

semester lectures

7 Monday 20th May to Saturday 6th

July, 2024

2 Mid semester break 1 Monday 8th July to Sunday 14th July, 2024
3 Continuation of second semester lectures 6 Monday 15th July to Saturday 24th

August, 2024

4 Second semester examinations 3 Monday 26th August to Saturday 14th

September, 2024

5 Second semester break, marking, moderation and Senate approval of results 4 Monday 16th September to Sunday

13th  October, 2024

6 New session begins Monday 14th October, 2024

* All National holidays will be duly observed. 

This is for your information and compliance.

Thank you.


 K.A. Nuhu (Mrs.) Registrar



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